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“Yesterday is the past.
Today, you have a choice.
Forever is up to you.”

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Title: The Living Person In The Dead
written on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 @ 11:33 PM ?{ 0 comments }

Day 16

Wishful thinking again.
I hope I could go back to 21 November 2016.
I asked you for pictures before, but that was the first time you greeted.
Things were simple back then, weren't it?
We just had a simple chat, it was random but it was adorable.
I know why I didn't ignore you; you made me laugh even for the simplest things.
You were always there when I was surrounded by arrogant people, when I was alone.
Your sudden presence was a gift, I thank Him that.

I don't give a single care about you now.
I just badly miss the old, dead you.

Now you're just the complete different person who lives in a body of a dead soul.
Even your haircut is different now. The old you had the best and perfect hairstyle. Shame on you.
I told you your hair was handsome. I told you your face wasn't.
I lied. No, not really a lie. I was kidding.
Your face was the best view for me. The closer the better.
The bigger the feelings, the 'perfecter' you got to me.
I even told you I liked it better when you weren't wearing your spectacles.
I didn't mean you look less handsome with it. I just preferred your face without it because I didn't want your spectacles to cover the original masterpiece.

You're one of His masterpiece creation.

Others might not think this way. Others might not think you're as handsome as other guys. But you were to me. And I love it when I was the only one who saw the perfection in you. I reckon anybody shouldn't notice it but me.
I was proud to say I didn't fall for your looks. I fell for who you were.

Sigh, it's hard to be me.
I just value every precious moment so much, I can never forget.

You always apologized everytime you did stupid things, when you made me upset.
It's okay, okay? I was mad, but I always forgave even before you said sorry.
I can never be a little too cold to a person I love.. I loved.

But your last sorry is nothing to deal with.
Your last sorry doesn't sound so sorry at all.
You are long gone before you even said those last words. They were from the person whom I only know by the name and shamelessly lives in a body of a dead soul that I loved.
That is not sorry.
That is rubbish.

I hate the current person who lives in your body, entirely.

Yours faithfully, SCC.

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